On this website you can find details about the online therapy that I offer as a psychologist.

Additionally you get information about my courses and classes in yoga, mindfulness and reiki and workshops for pilgrims in Finisterre.

Nomad Psychologist

Who am I?

I am Susan Schmeetz. I really enjoy hiking the camino de Santiago, living as a nomad, rockclimbing, vanlife and practicing yoga. Professionally: I am a Psychologist, mindfulness & yoga teacher, reiki master and thai-yoga masseuse.

Over the last 16 years I have mainly been working as a psychologist and mindfulness meditation teacher. I apply techniques from acceptance & commitment therapy (ACT), Schematherapy, EMDR, CBT, TRE, breathwork, coaching and mindfulness. Both based on wisdom from the West  & the East. I am registered at the Dutch Institute of Psychologists as a Registered psychologist NIP®

Since I started living a nomadic lifestyle, about a decade ago, I also have gained experience in teaching yoga & meditation, breathwork, reiki and relaxation & psychotherapy workshops in yoga studio’s, retreat centers, in albergues on the camino de Santiago, several mental health institutions and addiction clinics. 

I have a holistic approach and use compassion, kriya/breathwork practices, mindfulness, my sense of humor, empathy and metaphors to help my clients to develop more self awareness and break negative or blocked life patterns. 


On this website you can find details about the online therapy that I offer as a psychologist, but also the classes and workshops I offer in Finisterre.

Here a few benefits of online therapy

No Waiting List

Therapy can start right away - no waiting list. You choose the meeting time

Safe and discrete

Therapy from your safe and discrete environment

Worldwide availability

Ideal for expats who want to speak in their mother tongue (Dutch).


I offer you a free 20 min chat to ask questions and get to know me a little bit


I practice and have been focused on traditional/spiritual & somatic healing methods

Learn more how you can benefit from Yoga, Mindfulness and Reiki. This possible if you come to Finisterre / Fisterra in Spain. I offer classes at the beaches and indoor in Finisterre.

Yoga and Mindfulness

As a certified yoga teacher I offer yoga classes (Himalayan kriya, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Ashtanga vinyasa). The focus of my teaching lies in calming body & mind, so that we can cope better with life's daily challenges and experience more happiness in the form of peace and consequently improve the relationship we have with ourselves and with the people around us.

Learning to meditate and maintaining a moment-to-moment awareness of your thoughts, feelings and emotions are the main aspects of practicing mindfulness. As a certified mindfulness teacher I can guide you to be more in the present in your life. I offer classes at the beach in Finisterre and also integrate mindfulness as a psychologist. I am planning a few walking retreats in which I combine yoga, mindfulness & walking on the camino. Please let me know if you have interest.

Reiki, Body- and Energywork

As a reiki master, I give reiki healings. This is a hands on technic that uses universal life energy that's why it is called energywork. However it works on body, mind and soul levels. I also offer level 1 and 2 reiki courses, each 2 days in Fisterra. Get in touch with me for course dates and possibilities. In my holistic approach I like to involve the body as well. That's why I use tension release therapy as a body focused technic when stress en trauma is present. Trauma is an unfinished impression from the past. When the body has not been able to complete the fight/flight/freeze response the impression of the event can get stuck in your body and cause all sorts of mental and physical problems. With this tremor inducing therapy you will be more able to assess what is happening in the here and now: Am I safe or is there a real threat? Instead of going strait into a survival state. This helps to enjoy the here and now in a state of relaxation.
I also studied conscious connected breathwork as a method of healing and emotional release. One other method I like to work with for relaxation of the body and mind is Thai yoga massage. This is an ancient healing system combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures. I studied Thai yoga massage at the Sunshine massage school in Chiang mai, Thailand


Nomad or Yesmad?

In the Nomad Blog I want to share thoughts, ideas and insights about my life and the indentifications of what I do.