Dear pilgrim!

Yoga classes, mindfulness meditation and camino reflection on and off the beach in Fisterra / Finisterre.

There is no fixed SCHEDULE, as I do classes on request if enough people sign up for that day. You can let me know if you are interested in a walking meditation, yoga class, mindfulness class or 1 on 1 (psycho)therapy. So just email me if you like a class:

I am also offering workshops in Fisterra / Finisterre, on and off the beach ;-).

Looking for a place to connect with other likeminded pilgrims or just kindred spirits? Me too! As a result of that I’m offering these classes next to my online psychotherapy work. I love the energy of the Mar de Fora beach in Finisterre and also ❤ the camino spirit even when I’m not walking myself. Seen that most of my classes are outdoor and we have constantly changing weather conditions in Fisterra, I have stopped making a fixed schedule and just see if there are enough people interested in a class on that day and if it is sunny. I teach yoga & mindfulness meditation classes and camino reflection etc, for more info check the info below or get in touch with me at Email me @

MONDAYS, TUESDAYS & WEDNESDAYS are no classes! (as I’m working as a psychologist)

Classes are are all donation based with a suggestion of 10-15 euro. You can request a class or therapy for you individually or a group. Individual sessions are not donation based but have a fixed price. I’m quite flexible so if the schedule is not according to your schedule just send me a message and I see what I can do

On offer in Fisterra individually and in groups:

My yoga classes find place in Langosteira or Mar the Fora beach or at Soulfisterra and are SIGN UP ONLY at the beach because of the yogamats. Yoga classes are planned according to the schedule below, but can also be requested individually or for a group. Please send me a message if you have any questions.

The challenge of modern life is to find the balance between your inner warrior and the Buddha within. Take on those things you can change and accept those things you have no influence on. This workshop is if you are looking for that heart connection and at the same time want to find strength and confidence in yourself. We call it a journey because it is an integrated practice of different aspects of yoga. We alternate meditation, pranayama, asana, chi movements, kundalini kriyas and mantra accompanied by music. The effect can be healing on all levels of your being: spiritual, emotional, soothing to your nervous system, energetically, physically and mentally.

As a mindfulness teacher I will lead you through several meditations that are combined with deeply reflecting on your camino de Santiago. The class takes place at the beach and is a wonderful way to connect and share with other pilgrims.

Thich Nhat Hahn Style mindful walking

This is a workshop that teaches you stress release exercises to create a tremor that helps the body to come back to a state of balance. I use tension release therapy with the body when stress en trauma is present. Trauma is an unfinished impression from the past. Your body has not been able to complete the fight/flight/freeze response and now the impression of the event is stuck in your body. As a result, you continue to live partly in the past. Trauma Release Therapy is one of the methods I use to help people shake off the past. Quite literally in this case. Without all that luggage in your backpack you are more able to correctly asses what is happening in the here and now (am I safe or is there a real threat? Instead of going strait into a survival state) and enjoy the here and now in a state of relaxation.

Group session to do reiki exchange with other level 1-3 practitioners.

Most of our psychological problems come from our patterns in relationship to ourselves and others. Learn about the basic ideas of schematherapy like parent, child and coping modes. Get an idea about what your schema’s are. After this workshop you will understand your negative life patterns and struggles at a deeper level. This understanding can help to change these patterns on the long term.

This is a two day course that can be requested for in Fisterra. Please find more information at energy work on this website.

I am a fan and practicioner of Osho active meditations like nadahbrahma, no dimensions, kundalini meditation, dynamic meditation, chakra breathing meditation and so on…

How to prepare: The classes are sign up only. You have to send me an email or facebook or instagram message if you like to sign up and I will then send you a confirmation with the exact location.

I can provide some yogamats. It is adviced not to eat 1 hour before, or eat something light 1,5 hour before class. It cools down quite a lot after sunset, so take a blanket/ sweater to keep yourself warm.

*Classes will only continue with sufficient participants.

Where and when: Mar de Fora beach (Outside) or ENREDANDO and/ or at SoulFisterra (inside), see my schedule below. I do make a schedule but I am flexible.

If you are coming with a group and you rather have a class at another
time, just get in touch with me and I will see what I can do.

The classes on the beach are at the beginning of Mar de Fora beach on the left side when you just entered the beach, look for some blue yogamats.

Conscious donation: I like to offer these
classes and workshops donation based. I suggest 10,- tot 15,- euro per person for yoga & mindfulness classes and 15,- for the psychology related workshops. A part of the donations (30%) goes to renting the space if the class is indoor. I also spend some of it on making flyers and the website/advertising etc. I also donate a percentage to a charity in India that helps street dogs in Rishikesh.

*By the way I am
also happy to do another kind of exchange if this works out planning-wise. As I’m very curious about other healing technics etc. but also could use some help with making this website better and making some pictures of the classes

*Intended Schedule of Yoga Camino Fisterra for week of 15 of August

Yoga adapted to your psychological needs & physical ability

Personally I practice Yoga to be better at living in a peaceful way to improve the relationship I have with myself, my body and my mind and the connections that I have with others.

I teach / share yoga to help you create a good energy flow in the body and create a calm mind. I mostly teach a style of yoga that is a mix of hatha yoga (sivananda sequence) and/or Himalayan kriya & mindfulness meditation. I also teach yin yoga inspired by Jo Phee/ Sarah Powers styles. Some classes are more focused on asana (poses) practice, others more on meditation, kriya, mantra and/or breathwork.

At the end of a class I sometimes give a little bit of reiki and/or thai yoga massage. I adapt my teaching style depending on what I feel is required for the participants on a mental and physical level and what the space allows.

My Experience & Education with yoga

Education:  Since 2016 I have followed around 700 hours of yoga teacher trainings in a variation of styles: Himalayan kundalini kriya and breathwork, Hatha yoga (Sivananda based), Ashtanga and vinyasa flow, Yin yoga (Jo Phee style), TRE and Trauma sensitive yoga.

In 2016 I have followed a Yoga Teacher Training in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow (200hr Yoga Alliance ) at Sampoorna yoga.

Later I followed a second teacher training in Hatha yoga (200 hr Yoga Alliance), Sivananda inspired at the Arhanta ashram in India in 2018.

In 2020 I followed a chinese medicine & yin yoga teacher training in the Netherlands with Marieke vliegen, yinspiration trainer and senior assistant of Jo Phee.

More recently, in March 2023 I followed a 200 hour teacher training in Himalayan kundalini kriya and breathwork with Anandji at Sattva yoga. 

I also go back to Rishikesh (India) quite frequently to practice with different yoga teachers like Surinder Singh among others. 

As I encountered problems in mental health care with people who suffered from trauma, I followed a workshop to understand more about how to adapt classes to people who have experienced trauma.

I also practice and have followed education in TRE (Tension and Trauma release exercises) that incorporates the polyvagal theory.

Experience: I have been teaching yoga since 2016 and have about 500 hours teaching experience in hatha yoga (Sivananda style), ashtanga inspired vinyasa flow and yin /restorative yoga and himalayan kundalini kriya and breathwork.

Where did I teach so far?

The beach in Fisterra: At the moment I teach yoga at the beach in Fisterra. I was doing this as well before the pandamic started.

Mental health care & Addiction care: I also taught classes to clients of Serenity GGZ (addiction care) and the U-CENTER, a clinic where people find intensive inpatient treatment for depression, addiction, anxiety, trauma and personality problems.

Yoga retreat centers: I have also have been teaching at La Crisalida, a yoga and detox retreatcenter in Spain where I worked as a as a health and wellbeing mentor for some monhts. In addition to this I was teaching in Guatemala to visitors of the Yoga Forest and La Paz hostel in Guatemala.

Albergues in the camino: I also taught many classes in an Albergue called Monte Irago and at Albuerge Sol y Lua in Fisterra, to pilgrims who were walking the camino de Santiago de Compostella.

Yoga studios: I am sometimes (when I have time) teaching classes in an old monastery in the Netherlands, called Klooster Simpelveld. Here in Finisterre I sometimes teach in the local gym and also in the Spiritual center called Soulfisterra.


“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” ― Thich Nhat Hanh, Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life

“Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally,” says Kabat-Zinn. “It’s about knowing what is on your mind.”

The meditaiton classes I teach are inspired by zenmaster Thich Nhath Hahn, Osho, Jon Kabat Zinn, Mark Williams (MBCT & MBSR) . In this class we will discuss some theory’s about mindfulness and practice. Also there will be space to share and reflect on your camino. Now and then I organise a walking meditation, see the schedule above.

I am registered as a category 1 mindfulness teacher at the VMBN. This is the Dutch and Flamish society for mindfulness teachers.

My mindfulness practice
Out of interest and curiousity about all kinds of spiritual traditions I have been travelling around the world as a kind of spiritual seeker. From England, to France, Thailand, India, Japan, Belgium and Guatemala. I have experience/ been practicing meditations from several traditions and teachers like Goenka, Osho, Zen, Therevada, Thich Nhat Hahn, Tibetan buddhism and Keith Wilson. Therefor I stayed with New life foundation,  Plum Village, EIAB, Tushita, Wat Umong, Wat Pah Nanachat, Dhamma Pajjota, Tibetaans instituut Yeunten Ling, the Gaia House, Osho Gangadam and Osho Om Bodhisatva Commune. I have followed the long traject from See True and about 12 years of meditation experience. I followed retreats and  classes with Christina Feldman, John Peacock, Mark Williams, Robina Courtin, Thich Nhat Hahn, Frits Koster, Erik den Brink, Keith Wilson and Satsangs with Mooji. At the end of 2021 I have stayed for about 3 months in Plum village in the rain retreat to practice mindfulness, so I can apply it more as a lifestyle.
Education and experience as a teacher
I have been educated as a Mindfulness teacher in 2010 and am registered as a category 1 mindfulness teacher with the VMBN in the Netherlands. Since 2011 I have been teaching mindfulness courses to groups and on an individual basis, on- and offline. I worked for See True in Beek and organised the 8 week MBCT/ MBSR training for them. I also taught mindful eating trainings in an obesity clinic (CO-EUR) where I also worked as a psychologist. I also taught mindfulness classes in mental health clinics like U-center and Serenity GGZ. If you like more information about my background see the about me section.

Workshops for ("the lost") pilgrims at the end of the camino de Santiago

Workshop: How to change your life patterns...

As a psychologist I will share insights and technics with you from schematherapy, so you can understand yourself, your triggers and how to deal with them in different ways. It is essentially about changing deeply rooted life patterns in relationship to others and yourself. 

Workshop: Tension & trauma release therapy

In this workshop you will receive Education about the Polyvagal theory, self regulation and we will be practicing stress release exercises that create a tremor in the psoas muscles which have a relaxing effect on the body & mind when practiced well.

Would you like to learn new and easy ways to release stress and tension and understand yourself and your nervous system at a deeper level?
“Through a Polyvagal approach to living, the door opens to compassion. An autonomic nervous system that co-regulates and self-regulates with ease creates the possibility to move out of the need for protection – and instead to embody a system that finds joy in connection. ” -Deb Dana.
This workshop is inspired by the polyvagal theory, trauma sensitive yoga, several trauma & stress theories, Deb Dana’s work and Tension & Trauma Release Exercises (TRE).
The workshop is based on the idea that stress, tension and trauma is both psychological and physical. As a psychologist, mindfulness and yoga teacher I like to combine my “super powers” to help you understand yourself more deeply and learn to guide your nervous system into a state of safety and connection. Our ability to connect, feel at peace and feel safe with others does not just depend on “the other”, or on our mental attitude, or our psychological history’s but comes for a large part from the state of our nervous system, which can be positively influenced but is substantially an automatic proces.
Walking is for example one of those activities that can positively bring our nervous system into a state of safety. Consequently we find it also easier to connect with others. It is probably not a coincidence that many deep friendships are build on the camino de Santiago.
As a psychologist I have been using these technics with clients with a wide range of stress related problems. However I think to know about these selfhelp tools it is very helpful to anyone who has a nervous system.
We will first go into the polyvagal theory and how it can helps us manage stress differently. I will also talk about self regulation.
Then we will be doing a series of yoga like exercises that assist the body to generate a tremor which releases energetic blockages in the body that got there by stress and trauma. The automatic vibrating that you might have seen in animals after a stressful event, releases muscular and energetic tension, which brings the body back to a peaceful state.
When we generate this natural stress releasing tremor in a safe and controlled environment this can have a positive effect on our general well being, on our connection with ourselves and the ability of feeling safe in the connections we have with others. By the way it is also possible to have a 1 on 1 sessions with me instead of or in addition to this workshop. I would recommend working 1 on 1 especially for people who have experienced severe or complex trauma.
As mentioned we learn about self regulation in this workshop. Self regulation while working with the tremor, but also self regulation in our daily life’s, recognizing states of activation and how to bring ourselves back to a state of balance.
If you looking for a bridge between mindfulness, yoga and psychotherapy this workshop might give you some key insights and tools.
This workshop has limited spots available, to be able to maintain safety for the group. If you like to participate please write an email to You can also just show up, but might not have a spot.
Costs: I offer this event donationbased with a suggestion of 15 euro. A part of this donation goes to SoulFisterra for renting the space etc. Please be aware to take some cash with you as we can’t offer you the possibility to make a donation by card.
Find more information about me (Susan Schmeetz) under the about me section. I also have a facebook page 
The event is hosted in the new spiritual center Soulfisterra. 

Impressions of my yoga and mindfulness classes in the camino de Santiago


Just contact me via email, I write or call you back as soon as possible